This Feature Stops Things From Slipping Through The Cracks

The Toolkit Team


The Toolkit Team


Nov 22, 2023

This Feature Stops Things From Slipping Through The Cracks

We’ve all heard the expression “slipped through the cracks.”

Which simply means something has been overlooked or didn’t get the attention it deserved, or something just got ignored. In business and life, little tasks or to-dos that got mismanaged can mean the difference between losing and gaining a client, delivering a consistent client experience, or ensuring that critical administrative processes are completed.

Often times it’s the perceived not-so-important tasks or the “I can do it later” tasks that seem to be forgotten.

Do you or your team members, on an all too familiar basis, find yourselves saying “it just slipped through the cracks”? If that is the case, saying that little phase is a good way to mitigate responsibility. And that’s not cool!!  

Instead of resorting to excuses, what can you meaningfully do about it?

Seemingly, there are many things that can be done to reduce the risk of slippage. Here is our shortlist, but pay close attention to our final point, on a Rollover feature that you may not know you have:

Stop trying to do all tasks on your own – Leverage your team with tasks that can take up your valuable time, and which can certainly be accomplished by someone else if you can comfortably assign responsibility. This can begin with giving away your low-skill tasks first.

Develop a daily system – For example, create a simple end-of-the-day routine, such as:

  • Check your email inbox
  • Review your task list for the day
  • Organize your office

Utilize a ‘Rollover’ feature in your CRM – This feature is a lifesaver! For any tasks or appointments in your CRM, you can simply select the Rollover option when creating them, so that the uncompleted or missed tasks from today, simply reappear tomorrow. So you will never feel like tasks are out of sight and out of mind.

Do this, and nothing will slip through the cracks! Check out the Rollover feature on the Toolkit CRM. Try it out for free

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