How The Best Advisors Minimize Burnout

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Dec 1, 2023

How The Best Advisors Minimize Burnout

Different businesses operate under different growth constraints.

The growth cap for a brick-and-mortar chain is different from that of a wealth management firm.

Your constraint is not labor availability, it’s time.

The more you can allocate your time to high-leverage activities the more quality output you get. It’s simple.

If you’re in a season of growth right now or in preparation for it, then you need to closely look at the things that you do throughout the day and figure out what actions get you the most return on time invested and if none of them do, then it might be time to put together a plan of action.

We get a lot of businesses that are drowning in a sea of things they need to get done for their clients.

The first thing we tell them to do is get organized.

No. Spreadsheets and documents won’t cut it.

If you had 50 cars and one of them needed an oil change, another needed a new gasket, another needed new wiper blades, another needed…. all on a short time horizon, you’d bang your head against the wall trying to figure out what needed what.

The best return on time invested here isn't to dive in headfirst, take a moment to map out what needs fixing. Then, pop those tasks and the estimated time of completion into your calendar in a way that makes sense for you (or even better, have a platform like Toolkit CRM automatically do this for you)

If you’re drowning in work. Do this right now ⤵️. (Yes, right now!)

Figure out who your topmost valuable clients are. You can use whatever metric you want…. (For now)

Typically, it’s the ones that refer you to their friends and family AND have the most amount of assets invested with you. And it probably doesn't hurt if you actually like them as well.

Use the scale above and classify them into different tiers.

Figure out what you want your service delivery to look like for each of those tiers (number of routine calls, etc.) - Don’t skip this, it’s the most important part.


Imagine spending 4 hours a day for a client that brings in $1000/yr vs spending that 4 hours for Jessica who’s referred you 5 clients in the past year and also makes you $30,000/yr

I’ve exaggerated the numbers, but it’s to prove a point.

Invest 80% of your time on the 20% of clients who generate a lion's share of the business. The goal is to replicate this client as much as we can, I’ll show you how to do that in another article.

It's not about being disrespectful or elitist; it's about ensuring that your best clients receive the top-notch service they rightfully deserve.

Teams often find themselves dedicating 80% of their time to the remaining 80% of clients, those who contribute far less to the bottom line.

I get it, It’s out of goodwill and a genuine desire to help, but we've seen this over and over, and the result is always the same – they run out of time. This is precisely why you need some form of service matrix and automation to allocate services to your most deserving clients.

As you navigate through this, don't forget the power of automation. Embed as much as possible into your CRM system, allowing it to streamline your operations.

While there will always be factors outside your control, one thing is certain: you have complete control over the consistency of the client experience. You and your team are the architects, and we hope to be the infrastructure you can rely on.

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